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Over the years I have tried many different cables with differing concepts. I have recently been using cables made by a Scottish company named; Atlas Cables.

They make a number of different cables that cover all ends of the price spectrum. I settled for the Hyper interconnects (0.5m) and Hyper Bi-Wired speaker cable (5m) for the main system. The Hyper cable allows for a full neutral sound without adding any noticeable colouration. From a practical point, it’s also easy to manipulate around common living room obstacles.

For my desktop system, I’m using the Element speaker cable and matching USB cable. As I’m using the Creek Audio Evolution 50A with built-in Ruby DAC, there is no need for any further cabling. Well, except for the K-Sub under the desk!

If you need any further advice on selecting the right cable for your system, I suggest you give Atlas a call.