CES2015 Show Report

  • Posted by Luke on January 13, 2015

Hello everyone!

We wanted to give you an update on how the CES2015 show went and also a little tour of our setup.

Firstly, we have to say this year saw a big drop in the number of people visiting the Venetian Tower. The Hallways and exhibition halls were much quieter than years gone by; however, the lower number of people was made up by their quality. The true audiophiles and keen dealers really made the show worthwhile and we enjoyed an extremely positive reaction from all who visited our demonstration.

In the video above, you will see the first system comprised of a pair of K1s that were awarded Bookshelf Loudspeaker of the Year by Absolute Sound magazine. We were also using a pair of K2‘s with the Active-K upgrade. The K2 Active-K solution uses x3 150W Class-D power amplifiers (per speaker) and a traditional analogue active x-over pre-amplifier. This version does not include the DAC, this feature will come later. The results of this system were very impressive and will be demonstrated again at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show in February.

In the upper system we used a Creek Audio Evolution 50CD to drive the active K2‘s whilst the K1‘s were driven by the Creek Audio Evolution 50A.

On the lower floor we used the new K3 floor-standing loudspeaker in combination with the new Creek Audio Evolution 100A integrated amplifier. The sound from this system was simply stunning. In fact, I did not hear a negative comment throughout the entire show.

To give a little more detail on the Active-K, we will roll out this solution in two phases. The first will be the release of the more traditional non-digital version with a simple balanced and unbalanced line level input. You will be given the option on the rear panel to advance or retard the attack of the speaker using some simple slide switches for the tweeter and mid-bass.

Later in the year we will release the digital version that will see one of the speakers becoming master and central hub for your system, allowing you to connect all your digital sources. We are yet to decide if an analogue input will be available as it does complicate the design. For now the traditional version of the Active-K will be available within 3 months and is to be built here in the UK. This solution can either be fitted by the end-user or your dealer. You will see in the video, once the rear panel is removed, simply disconnecting the passive x-over and connecting the Active-K is all that’s required. I’m sure you will agree, that’s pretty slick!

A big thank you to Music Hall Audio, Mike for help at the show, next stop Bristol!

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