The New K-Series


Over the past 8 months Epos has been hard at work behind the scenes developing a new range of products.

We would like to introduce the K-Series. At the start of development for this range there were some fixed goals to achieve with these new products. The reintroduction of simplistic crossovers that made Epos’s name all those years ago. The introduction of a new slot-port design; a first for Epos. This new design in port not only allows easier speaker placement, it has also eliminated port chuffing noises and allowed me to tune both the K1 and K2 models lower in port resonant frequency giving exceptional bass response.

Another new concept for Epos is the sprayed finish; Satin White and Satin Black. Both finishes look stunning in the flesh!

This leaves just one area for me to tell you about. It should come as no surprise to hear me say the box loudspeaker industry is a hard area of the market to be in. What’s really selling at the moment are SONOS style systems. These are easy to use, easy to integrate units and very appealing but fall short when it comes to delivering a ‘Hi-End’ experience. This is where the K-Series has been designed to fill the gap. Out of the box you have a ‘normal’ passive pair of loudspeakers that will connect to an existing system and deliver a sonic feast of hi-end audio reproduction. So how can you better that? Easy! You can buy our Active-K option that replaces the passive crossover network and rear panel of the K1 & K2 (K2 lower section only). The Active-K option is an active DAC, by this I mean it has a high quality audio amplifier plus and multi input DAC with bluetooth receiver. The Active-K option is being designed by Creek Audio and will be comprised from some of their latest technology being used in the new Evolution units. At this stage, we are aiming to release the Active-K option towards the latter half of the year.

As you can see, the new K-Series is much more than just another loudspeaker.

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